Chlorpyrifos is a highly toxic brain-harming insecticide being used in high volumes in Hawai`i on GMO research fields.

Chlorpyrifos is a threat to communities, farmworkers, and particularly young and developing children. 

There is extensive research showing that exposure to chlorpyrifos harms our brains: It causes brain damage, neurological disorders, birth defects, persistent developmental disorders, autoimmune disorders and is linked to low birth weight, pre-term births, small head circumference, changes in children’s cognitive behavioral, and motor performance disorders, respiratory changes such as asthma and endocrine disruption. (Click Here for More Information about the Impacts of Chlorpyrifos).  It has been suggested Chlorpyrifos affects brain development even at levels below toxicity guidelines. (Click for Review in the Environmental Health Journal on Neurological Effects of Chlorpyrifos).  The EPA banned home use of Chlorpyrifos in 2001, particularly to prevent contact with young children. (Click for Information from the EPA on earlier bans of Chlorpyrifos).

Chlorpyrifos has been found in hair samples of Hawai`i children, in the air and water of Hawai`i communities and has resulted in hospitalization of Hawai`i farmworkers.

It’s unconscionable that pesticides are being found in the hair and bodies of our children. State and federal officials have a responsibility to ban chlorpyrifos and make sure our children are protected in our homes and schools from these hazardous chemicals.
— Mālia Chun, mother of two Hawai`i children whose hair samples revealed exposure to chlorpyrifos and 35 other pesticides

In 2014, the Hawai`i Department of Agriculture reported sales of Chlorpyrifos as over 7,282lbs in the state of Hawai`i. (See HDOA RUP sales records).  Chlorpyrifos was detected in the ambient air study conducted in Waimea Canyon Middle School following the evacuation of the school. (See HDOA Air Study).  Chlorpyrifos was also found in surface water sampled in the Kekaha Ditch in the pilot water-sampling program launched by the state in 2013-2014. (See Hawai`i Dept. of Health Water Sampling Study Results).  In January 2016, at least 10 Syngenta employees were sent to the hospital for pesticide poisoning due to exposure to Chlorpyrifos. (See news article).  And recently, hair samples from two Hawai`i children living adjacent to the research fields on Kaua`i came back positive with Chlorpyrifos and over 35 other pesticides. (Click to learn more)


The EPA was planning to ban Chlorpyrifos on food crops prior to the Trump administration.

The EPA was poised to ban use of Chlorpyrifos on food crops prior to the Trump administration.  However, Scott Pruitt reversed the agencies position shortly after his appointment.

Why wait?

Why should we in Hawai`i wait for EPA action which may take years, when Hawai`i families need protection today? Overwhelming evidence points to an immediate ban. 

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