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NOTE: HAPA as an organization, does not endorse any of the candidates, nor donate or offer any resources to any candidates. We do not require any party affiliation for participation into our program, and we do not instruct participants as to which office they might want to run for or under which party banner to affiliate with. We do not promote or coordinate with the Democratic Party of Hawaii. 

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Full participation in the program is critical. We ask that participants can commit to all 6 weekends. Minimum participation is 5 weekends/10 days. Travel and program costs will be covered. Neighbor Island participants will be flown and shuttled to their lodging either Friday night before, or Saturday morning of the sessions.
Costs of Program *
HAPA believes that no leader should be prevented in participating in Kuleana Academy because of their economic situation, so we have worked hard to fundraise the money to cover participants' travel and program costs. However, once accepted into the Academy, each Participant is expected to fundraise a $1,000 contribution to the program. $200 of the $1,000 will be due upfront by June 20, 2019 if accepted to the program. The $200 can be from personal funds or fundraised. Limited Scholarships are available for the initial $200. The remaining $800 must be fundraised by October 1, 2019 and cannot be a personal contribution. However, they can be made up of contributions raised from multiple persons (i.e. $40 contributions raised from 20 people; totaling $800). This component is included as a “real life” exercise as part of the fundraising training. No more than $400 can be "online crowd-funded."
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