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Kuleana Academy

Description: 4 Month Program (January to April 2017)

Leadership and Skills Training

Two (2) Weekend Skills Training Retreats: (Saturday and Sunday) Entire class will spend two days for following skill training sessions conducted by professional trainers.

Retreat 1: Goal setting, leadership development
Community organizing, government and legislative process
Retreat 2: Public speaking, writing, media, message development
Campaign organization, materials

Four Training Workshops: Focused on training participant and others interested in participating in campaigns, organizing, and boards and commissions. Training will take place in each county.

Team Workshop 1: Campaign start up, organizing, district analysis and strategic planning training
Team Workshop 2: Message refinement, materials development and sourcing
Team Workshop 3: Budget and fundraising planning. Database management, endorsements
Team Workshop 4: Boards and Commissions Leadership Training

Progressive Values and Statewide Issues Workshops

Two (2) Weekend Progressive Issues Retreats

Two (2) all-day sessions of class immersion training in single value/subject. Entire class participates in two-day "retreat" setting focused on specific issues. First day is classroom, history, speakers, exercises etc.  with evening social networking.  Second day is "in the field", hands-on experience, and "build relationships" day.

• Environmental (Development)
• Labor (Diversified Economy)
• Hawaiian/Cultural (Sovereignty)
• GMO/Pesticides/Agriculture (Food Security)
• Civil Rights/Equality (Healthcare, Education)
• Economic Justice (Cost of Living, Affordable Housing)

Community-Based Hands On Experience 

During these four months, Participant and Mentor shall do at least one common community or political activity of their choice. 

  • Participant shall participate in one additional group volunteer activity in each month of program (i.e. beach clean up, feed homeless)
  • Participant shall participate in one public speaking activity in each month of program (i.e. Rotary speaker, classroom speaker, Toastmasters)
  • Participant shall write and submit to a Hawaii news publications one letter to the editor or OpEd piece on any topic each month of program.
  • Participant shall fundraise a minimum of $1000 to contribute to the program ($800 of which cannot be personal funds).

H.A.P.A.'s Kuleana Academy is not an electoral activity; it is a non-partisan educational program. H.A.P.A. and the Kuleana Academy will not:

  • endorse any political candidates for public office.
  • make any campaign contributions (monetary or in-kind).
  • ask candidates to sign pledges on any issues.


Kuleana Academy Alliance Education Partners: