Kuleana Academy Program Dates:

KA Weekend 1 - July 13/14

KA Weekend 2 - August 24/25

KA Weekend 3 - Sept 7/8

KA Weekend 4 - Oct 12/13

KA Weekend 5 - Nov 2/3

KA Weekend 6 - Nov 23/24

Full participation in the program is critical. We ask that participants can commit to all 6 weekends. Minimum participation is 5 weekends/10 days.

Description: 5 Month Program

Six Weekend-long Retreats in leadership, skills training, and progressive issues education

Weekend Retreats (Saturday and Sunday): Leadership development, skills and campaign training sessions conducted by professional trainers, plus educational sessions on progressive issues led by Alliance Educations Partners. (**Order of topics may change**)

Retreat 1: Trainings: Goal setting, leadership development, community organizing, government and legislative process.
Issues Education: economic justice (cost of living, affordable housing).
Retreat 2: Trainings: Public speaking, writing, media, message development; campaign organization, materials.
Issues Education: environmental (development); labor (diversified economy).

Retreat 3: Trainings: Message refinement, materials development and sourcing; budget and fundraising planning; database management, endorsements. Issues Education: GMO/Pesticides/Agriculture (food security).
Retreat 4: Trainings: Boards and Commissions Leadership Training. Issues Education: civil rights/equality (healthcare, education).

Retreat 5: Trainings: leadership development, budget and fundraising planning, database management, endorsements. Issues Education: Hawaiian/Cultural (sovereignty/self-determination)

Retreat 6: Trainings: Campaign strategy, canvassing, election calendar. Issues Education: Criminal Justice Reform (bail reform, marijuana decriminalization) Women and LGBTQ rights.

Participants are expected to be in attendance all weekend, from 9 AM to 8 PM on Saturday and 9 AM to 5 PM on Sunday. The Neighbor Island participants may be required to travel on the Friday night before each session or on the first flight out Saturday morning of each session. Travel expenses and transportation is provided. Light breakfast and lunch is offered both days. Dinner is provided on Saturday.


HAPA believes that no leader should be prevented in participating in Kuleana Academy because of their economic situation, so we have worked hard to fundraise the money to cover participants' travel and program costs. However, once accepted into the Academy, each Participant is expected to fundraise a $1,000 contribution to the program. $200 of the $1,000 will be due upfront by June 20, 2019 if accepted to the program. The $200 can be from personal funds or fundraised. Limited Scholarships are available for the initial $200. The remaining $800 must be fundraised by October 1, 2019 and cannot be a personal contribution. However, they can be made up of contributions raised from multiple persons (i.e. $40 contributions raised from 20 people; totaling $800). This component is included as a “real life” exercise as part of the fundraising training. No more than $400 can be "online crowd-funded." All funds are submitted as a donation to HAPA.

HAPA's Kuleana Academy is not an electoral activity; it is a non-partisan educational program. HAPA and the Kuleana Academy will not:

  • endorse any political candidates for public office.

  • make any campaign contributions (monetary or in-kind).

  • ask candidates to sign pledges on any issues.


Kuleana Academy Alliance Education Partners: