By Walter Ritte, Jr., H.A.P.A. Board Member and Chair of H.A.P.A.'s Community Based Resource Stewardship Committee

As Chair of H.A.P.A.'s Community Based Resource Stewardship (CBRS) Committee, I am proud to say that H.A.P.A. has stepped up to support the grassroots activists who are protecting Mauna a Wākea from being desecrated for construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope.

H.A.P.A.'s CBRS Committee works with our partner organizations to support actions such as the protection of Maunakea, Pohakuloa and Makua Valleys, leadership capacity building at Waimanalo, as well as Aha Moku organizing, fishpond restoration and Kalo planting, and training in peaceful civil disobedience.

To that end, H.A.P.A. is responding to the urgent need to support the grassroots activists protecting Mauna a Wākea through:

  • Travel costs
  • Event support
  • Aha Moku organizing
  • Contributing limited bail support for peaceful protest

This is in alignment with H.A.P.A.'s mission to "to catalyze community empowerment and systemic change towards valuing ʻaina (environment) and people ahead of corporate profit."

For more information about background and history of the flawed TMT approval and why the Hawaiian and environmental communities are upset, see's Factsheet and the Protect Mauna Kea Facebook page.