On March 14 & 15, 2015, Board Members from almost every Hawaiian island (Kauaʻi, Maui, Oʻahu, Molokaʻi, and Hawaiʻi islands) journeyed to Honolulu for HAPA's Strategic Planning Retreat.

We delved into important questions like "What is (or can be) HAPA's unique contribution to the progressive movement in Hawaiʻi?"

After two days of hard work, debate, and word-smithing, HAPA is excited to introduce our new Strategic Plan:


H.A.P.A.’s mission is to catalyze community empowerment and systemic change towards valuing ʻaina (environment) and people ahead of corporate profit.

Who we are.

The Hawai‘i Alliance for Progressive Action (HAPA) is a Hawai‘i-based social justice nonprofit organization that advocates for people and the environment ahead of corporate profit. We support local efforts that help to realize that ideal. Born of community struggles across Hawaiʻi, we have a statewide reach. We are passionate community leaders from all walks of life who are veterans of grass-roots progressive activism.

What we do.

HAPA advances the work of progressive movements across the islands by sharing resources, creating effective and consistent communication and advocacy, organizing, educating and framing local efforts so we can see their global connections, their root causes, and our linked struggles.

How we do it (our values and style)

We are guided by aloha ʻāina.

We are action focused.

We look to the histories and struggles for Hawaiʻi’s land and people.
I ka wā ma mua, ka wā ma hope (The future is in the past).

HAPA brings national and international relationships and perspectives to our work.

Why we do it.

We have an opportunity to connect community uprisings against rising corporate power, decaying democracy, and increasing inequality across issues, locations, and identities.

We see Hawaiʻi’s many social justice struggles as part of a much larger movement of placing the needs of land and people over corporate profit. Together, we invest our resources effectively by sharing data, knowledge and a sense of our linked struggle.

Our Current Campaigns

The focus of HAPA's work over the next one to three years is on the following four campaigns to support, promote, and foster local initiatives which advocate:

*Healthy Agriculture and Clean Food

*Community Based Resource Stewardship

*Economic Justice

*Reclaiming Democracy

To learn more and stay informed of the exciting campaigns and actions to come, sign up for HAPA's action alerts!