In April 2015, residents from Kaua`i traveled to Basel Switzerland, home of one of the world's largest chemical companies -- Syngenta -- to send a strong message. Syngenta and four other multinational corporations (Dow, Monsanto, Dupont-Pioneer, and BASF) are using Hawai`i as a testing ground for pesticides and genetically engineered seeds.

Hawaii is "Ground Zero" for global GMO and Pesticide research operations. This is 4-minute summary of how the the movement is spreading across Hawaii, and how communities are demanding basic protections and the right to know what is being sprayed in their neighborhoods and islands by multinational chemical corporations such as Syngenta, Dow, Dupont-Pioneer, Monsanto, and BASF.

Global chemical companies are quietly taking over Hawaii's agricultural lands to test seeds that are genetically modified to withstand high levels of pesticides. These toxic chemicals have transformed Hawai'i into 'One of the most toxic chemical environments in American agriculture'. (Cascadia Times article, June 2014). ALL WITHIN FEET OF SCHOOLS, HOMES, STREAMS AND OCEAN.

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