HAPA’s mission is to catalyze community empowerment and systemic change towards valuing ʻāina (environment) and people ahead of corporate profit.


HAPA advances the work of progressive movements across the islands by sharing resources, creating effective and consistent communication and advocacy, organizing, educating and framing local efforts so we can see their global connections, their root causes, and our linked struggles.



Under HAPA's 2015 Strategic Plan, the focus of HAPA's work over the next one to three years is on the following four campaigns to support, promote, and foster local initiatives which advocate:

Fair and Sustainable Food Systems

Forwarding Hawaii's transition from GMO+Pesticide "Ground Zero" to a more sustainable, fair and secure food system.

Reclaiming Democracy

Interrupting corporate influence on our government, restoring transparency and citizen-driven democracy.

Community Based Resource Stewardship

Supporting customary land-based Aha Moku organizing, and the protection and restoration of sacred sites and traditional food systems.

Economic Justice

Addressing the structural ways that economic inequality is perpetuated, towards a more level playing field for all.